Mrs. Haramut

 School Supplies

Dear Parents,

            I am very pleased to be your child’s 5th grade teacher this year at Russell Elementary School. This is my third year teaching 5th grade at Russell/Juniper, and I am certain it will be an exciting year for all of us. The students will be experiencing new surroundings, challenges, and responsibilities as we prepare for middle school.   It is important to remember that all successes, big or small, are meaningful. Each child will progress at his or her own rate, developing skills when he or she is ready. Preserving each child’s self-esteem and building a secure, respectful foundation for growth will always remain priorities in our classroom.

            From the beginning of the year we will be using a homework planner and folder. They will be used for homework assignments, respective due dates, and announcements pertaining to field trips, school activities and school district information.  Please remember to check this folder each evening to stay up to date with all school and classroom happenings.  Attached is a supplies list for those who have not received one.

            Birthdays are exciting, and they may be celebrated in the classroom.  Please notify me in advance if you plan to send in birthday treats so that I can plan it into our busy day.  Also please send snacks that are easy to eat and distribute as we have limited time.  Snacks should be store bought items with the ingredient label clearly marked so that I can check for allergy-related items.  As for birthday party invitations, only send them in if you are inviting every student in the class.  It hurts feelings when only selected students receive invitations.

            Please feel free to share your child’s interests, strengths, needs (both academic and social), and any health concerns with me.  I am excited to develop a strong and supportive learning community and am anticipating all the fun experiences we will have this year! Again, I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning at Russell Elementary School.

Mrs. Haramut