Physical Education and Health- Mr. Galaska

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Mr. Galaska

Physical Education and Health Specialist

Hiking in S‚Äčtockbridge

Educational Background:

I live in Springfield, MA and have worked for Westfield Public Schools since 2006.  My interest in Physical Education began when I was in high school and worked for Longmeadow Parks and Recreation.  After a few years working for their after school program and summer camps, I became a camp director of an Outdoor Adventure camp while in college.  I have both my bachelors and masters degrees in Physical Education and Movement Science from Westfield State College.

Outside of Work:

I truly love living in New England with the four seasons.  I enjoy being outside and active in all climates.  I like skiing in the winter and attempting to play golf in the summer.  When I am not at work, I spend as much of my time as possible in my small woodshop.  I have built picnic tables, benches and various outdoor games (including a 3' tall jenga set!)

I enjoying traveling when possible and hiking in new places.  Two of my favorite hikes that I have been on are along the coast of San Francisco, CA (2007) and through the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany (2009).

Philosophy of Education:

I strive to create a learning environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, respect and responsibility.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle in a key piece to any good physical education program.  With obesity rates rising and life expectancies dropping, the concepts of lifetime activities, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles cannot be introduced early enough.  If students understand that fruit is a better snack than a candy bar and that a walk after dinner is more beneficial than sitting and watching television, then they may carry these ideas on with them through adulthood.  Especially at such an impressionable age, it is important to teach children the differences between healthy and unhealthy.  Physical education is a perfect environment to foster citizenship skills and the proper way to treat other people and the community.