Mrs. Murphy

Hello My Name Is...

Sandy Stephenson Murphy


Dear Russell Elementary School Families,


My name is Sandy Stephenson Murphy and I will be your new School Adjustment Counselor.  I am a licensed independent clinical social worker with 26 years’ experience.  I have been employed by Westfield Public Schools for the past 10 years as a School Adjustment Counselor and Administrator, affording me skill and understanding of the many resources available to you and your children.  I have expertise in the social, emotional and behavioral issues that affect children, such as but not limited to: attention and focus, non-compliance, anxiety, coping with major life transitions and trauma, social skills and making friends.  In addition, I teach the Parent and Children of Divorce class for the state which helps parents and children successfully navigate the many changes that accompany divorce.

I value an open and collaborative relationship with parents, so we can together help children be happy and healthy, insuring a solid foundation for learning. I look forward to meeting you in person at the Open House on September 28th or any time you would like to call or drop by.

My contact information is:

Direct Office Number: 413-642-7133