Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the PTC do so much fundraising, and what do we spend the money on?

Unfortunately, with ongoing budget cuts, our school no longer receives the money it needs to provide basic supplies and enrichment programs. The PTCs ENTIRE budget is based on monies raised through fundraising. We have once again decreased our fundraising goals understanding that most families are trying to make their own ends meet. But, with that decrease in fundraising goals, comes a decrease in our ability to help fund additional programs. The money that we raise ALL goes directly to programs and supplies that contribute towards enhancing your childs education and Juniper Park School. We subsidize one field trip a year, for every student in the building. We buy supplies, books, 100% of the art supplies for every student, maintain an emergency fund for children at JP in need and many other items. Please attend a PTC meeting for more details. All financial records are maintained by the PTC treasurer and given to an accountant at the end of our fiscal year for tax filing purposes.

Why does the fundraising start so early in the school year?

The fundraising starts early because we need the money. The PTC carries over very little money from the previous school year, and without an early start to fundraising, we would not be able to host programs, sponsor fall field trips, and so on.

Do I need to get involved?

Yes and No. Yes, we would like every parent or guardian to get to know us, and your childs school. By coming to just one meeting, or volunteering for just one event, you are considered a part of the PTC. No, you DONT have to come to every meeting, be on a committee, or commit to hours and hours of work.

We would like to see every parent/guardian give just one hour of time, for anything during the course of the school year! You will make new friends, feel involved, and get a good sense of the wonderful community of Juniper Park.

All volunteers must stop in the front office and fill out a CORI form. Your childs safety is important to us!

How do I get involved with the PTC?

There are a few ways you can get involved. First, Information night in September. This year we are adding some carnival games and hope to have an enthusiastic turnout! Secondly, you can ask a friend or neighbor who is already involved in a school event. Third, you can call or email the contact person when your child brings home a flyer for an event that interests you. Lastly, you can call or email any of the PTC Board Members.